Bitcoin dips below $4700, XRP resist the crash gaining 17% against Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency market continuously crashing as investors liquidating out from the market. Bitcoin price slips below $4700 setting a new low of the year. The market capital of Bitcoin drops below $83 B and total cryptocurrency market cap is about $156 B. The bitcoin price has now lost some $1,800 in value over the last 24 hours, down almost 14%.

BTC chart:

The battle of dominance between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV after the hard fork of BCH arises questions over the stability and the danger of using coins as currency or holding them as storing value leads some uncertainty in market results huge sell-off.

As the whole uncertainty rises over the issue of mining war and after effect of the hard fork the pre-mined coin like XRP and XLM are somehow getting advantage from the whole drama.
XRP holding the 2nd place and XLM stepped up to 4th in market cap. XRP currently holding its price around 49 to 50 cents outperforming the market and gained 17% against Bitcoin. Experts are predicting a good price movement in XRP in coming weeks. XRP getting stronger in 2nd place as ETH slips to new lows below $145.

Recently Binance Exchange announced to use XRP as a base currency put another milestone on the path of XRP adoption.

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