Sia Coin price flying higher prior to the hard fork on October 31

To  brick Bitmain and Innosilicon ASIC mining on its network, Sia development team decided to hard fork the network on October 31. After the hard fork, only miners using Obelisk miner which is developed by the Sia team will be able to mine on the blockchain

Sia team recently released Sia v1.3.6, which includes several important updates in addition to support for the October 31 hard fork. All the users who want to stay in the present Sia network need to upgrade before the fork. Those who reject the hard fork can continue to use the old blockchain code. If enough people rally around the old software, there could be a network split, and Sia could divide into two blockchains, in the same way that Ethereum split into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and in the same way that Bitcoin became Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

After the released of the new code version on Oct 16, a boost in the Sia coin has started and still gaining . There is a 10% increase in price in last 24 hr and now trading @ 110sats against BTC. Prior to the hard fork a major upward price momentum may continue as it was seen earlier during most of other hard forks. 




Though many users are expecting a new coin from the hard fork but it will depend on the numbers of users that will reject the new code base.