Positive sentiments building on Ripple( XRP) as new X-Rapid partners revealed

Ripple officially launched X-Rapid at SWELL 2018, and announced the name of three companies ( Cuallix, IDT and MercuryFX ) , those who are getting live with X-Rapid. But recently Ripple published a brochure ON -Demand Liquidity on their website where they added a new company Viamericas , is using X-Rapid.



Viamericas is a US- based licensed money transmitter offering international money transfer, bill payment, check processing and top-up services at thousands of agent locations across the United States, and over 76,000 locations in 29 countries for cash payout or direct deposits to bank accounts.

Next name in the list is SADAD Electronic Payment System an Ancillary Payment Service Provider by the Central Bank of Bahrain. SADAD is a leading payment gateway channel in Bahrain operating through various platform like mobile app and kiosks. SADAD kiosks available in more than 750 locations around Bahrain. SADAD let customers to make cash payments for more than 60 services.



Though the name is not disclosed by Ripple but get revealed on a Tweeter post claiming that SADAD is using Ripple’s X-Rapid as money transfer solution but there is no such official confirmation has made yet.

As Ripple is going to exhibit at Swift’s Sibos Conference this month ,hopefully more names with X-Rapid will come out .