Pundi X demonstrated its blockchain based phone called Xphone

Pund X hits the ground once again by demonstrating its next revolutionary product the XPhone. Yes after XPos device and XPass card which are made for smooth crypto payments, this time Pundi X demonstrated XPhone as their next product by making the first ever call on a blockchain at the ongoing XBlockchain Summit at the Ina ya Putri, Bali.


Powered by Function X, an ecosystem built entirely on and for blockchain, the new mobile phone called ‘XPhone’ runs on a new transmission protocol for the blockchain. Unlike traditional phones which require a centralized mobile carrier, XPhone runs independently without the need for that, It runs on the Function X blockchain eco-system by Pundi X.


Function X is not just a public chain. It is a total decentralized solution. It consists of five essential components: Function X OS, Function X Blockchain, Function X IPFS, FXTP Protocol, and the Function X Docker. All five have one sole purpose which is to decentralize all apps, website, communications and data” Pitt Huang,CTO and Co-founder, PundiX.


The Function X OS is based off the Android OS 9.0, so there is a backward compatibility with the Android apps.The XPhone OS is currently available to phone manufacturers for testing. The detailed information of Function X will be available on functionx.io on October 15th. The Function X blockchain, FXTP, IPFS, and XPhone will be officially launched in Q2 2019.



Source: Medium