XVG,TRX and DGB ,the 3 coins under 3 cents could be the millionaires pick in next 2 years

As most of the experts predicted the crypto market is close to its bottom its a time for the investors to plan it accordingly. Out of thousands of projects what an investor should pick for their portfolio . So here we are presenting the top three most popular coins under 3 cents which could prove to be as the millionaires pick in next two years.

Verge remains one of the most popular privacy coin in the market. It is known for its hype during 2017. It is highly secure and anonymous ,Verge uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and I2P. Low fees, quick transactions, high volume in circulation, multiplatform support, Wraith Protocol are the ingredients that make Verge perfectly positioned for mass adoption. In technical side verge is working on diffrent new features like Ledger integration, RSK smart contract , debit card integration etc . Verge got a wide range of vendors and some big names are pornhub, Brazzers etc . Verge partnered with Token Pay for debit card integration and recently with Pundi X for POS machine integration which will be use in more than 20 countries. All these features and upcoming developments in verge will definitely rise the demand for this coin and seeing its past price movement it is a good hold for short and long term prospects.Current price 1.6 cents

Tron launched just a year before but the project is in hype since from the beginning . TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world it is known for its scalibility. Tron is in partnership with giant like Alibaba. Recently in news is the Alibaba’s crypto exchange project with assistance of Tron team. Tron is working on smart contract and challenging ETH in all aspects. The future prospect of Tron is very bright , it has a high trade volume and already started an upward price movement. TRX is a sure shot pick for a short and long term prospect. Current price 2.5 cents.

Digibyte is one of the most mature and developed block chain project running since 2014. It is rapidly growing and highly secured decentralized block chain. If we see the Digbyte project and its usability it is still very undervalue in the market. Digibyte is mainly working on cyber security and make use of DGB coin as payment by increasing its adoption and integrating with more and more exchanges . Digibyte’s one of the most exciting product is the Digi-ID which delivers user authentication in a block chain and could be a game changer. Recently a Belgium online identity platform announced to incorporate Digi-ID into their system. Digi-ID has a vast different use cases which can be implement in various sectors like banking and finance , social media etc. Currently DGB is trading around 2.6 cents and could be one of the best price to enter for a long term prospect of one or two years.

2018 is the year of partnerships for future mass adoption of the crypto currencies . Out of the thousands of projects only the best will survive in the market. The projects with lack of features, scalibility, strong community and good mainstream partners will have to struggle in the market.