Ripple could make some big announcments on XRP at Sibos. Next XRP rally may get activated with announcement rumors


Ripple to exhibit at Swift International Banking Operations Seminar (Sibos) 2018. Sibos is an annual banking and financial conference organized by SWIFT( Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ) in verious cities around the world. Sibos 2018 will take place at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney between 22nd & 25th October 2018.


For Ripple, Sibos is a big platform as Sibos brings the world’s financial leaders together to network , collaborate and find solution in industry challenges. The theme for 2018 is ” Enabling the digital economy “, which reflects the far reaching transformation of banks and other finacial service providers as they adjust to the realities of a digital world. Ripple will be one the new technologies to be exhibited at Swift’s Sibos conferences this year.


As per many sources Ripple could make some big announcements in Sibos as Ripple has just ended up the SWELL event and Sibos is a good platform to announce the recent achievements. As Ripple announced three money transfer companies to use X-Rapid it is in spaculation that some X-Rapid announcement may come with Banks.

XRP price jumped up to $0.6 in recent past with the X-Rapid hype but after SWELL event it settles to $0.48 at present . Post SWELL rally has not initiated because of low volume but the rumors of Sibos may ignite a rally again.



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